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New Incentives

New Incentives uses cash transfers to increase rates of immunization against deadly diseases in northern Nigeria. Fit for Purpose supports New Incentives in this mission by providing coaching, mentoring, strategic advisory, and technical assistance services. Since 2017, Karen has advised Svetha Janumpalli, New Incentives CEO and leading social entrepreneur, on organizational strategy, government engagement, and planning for scale. Recently, she has helped New Incentives build on randomised control trial  results and successfully navigate GiveWell’s intensive ‘Top Charity’ assessment process.

M-Pesa Foundation

The M-Pesa Foundation partners with Kenyans on large scale and long term highly impactful social projects. The foundation selected Fit for Purpose to create, deliver, and oversee Impact Philanthropy Africa, a new Forum to galvanise corporate giving in Kenya.

The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)

Patricia led the Africa Global Strategy and Partnership team at the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation. There she built deep relationships with governments across Africa, executing a new strategy across Africa and advising on its rollout in Asia. In this role, she negotiated funding commitments from governments to improve children’s lives, and forestalled policy changes that would have damaged CIFF grantees and delayed their mission.

Young 1ove

Young 1ove connects youth to proven life-saving information. During her time at Evidence Action and supported by the Global Innovation Fund, Karen provided strategic advice and technical assistance to co-founders Noam Angrist and Moitshepi Matsheng, helping them navigate strategic planning, organizational development, advocacy, and government engagement.